Summersville Macro Subjects

I recently completed some open water dives in Summersville Lake, WV for a drysuit course I was taking. At the same time, I took my new MacroMateMini filter for my GoPro and captured some video of some tiny fish. Someone said the one with the stripes are walleye, but I think they might be perch. The spotted one looks like a trout to me, but again I could be wrong. The snail shell is empty – though I did see a couple live snails when I didn’t have my camera. And lastly the video ends with some eggs of some sort – my guess is frog eggs, but they might also be fish eggs of some sort… and I can’t tell if they’re still fertile or not – my guess is not.

PS: Sorry for the shaky video – as you can see, there was plenty of sediment that I was trying to not stir up.

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