False Moose of Grand Mesa

During our rain delay of our desert hike in Rattlesnake Canyon, Rich and I popped over to Grand Mesa for about a day and a half. During that time, we went out for a couple hikes, and I had asked a Forest Ranger if there were any wildlife hotspots. He directed us to the Lake of the Woods Trail and said to head towards Bull Creek Reservoirs. The “bull” in Bull Creek was obviously meant to imply bull moose and he said we might even hear them calling since it was their rut.

After hiking seven miles and seeing tons of landscapes that would have looked absolutely fantastic with a moose in them for the photo, but not seeing a single moose, I was getting disappointed. Then I started seeing tracks in the mud. We came upon another lake and in the distance I could see a large brown shape. Instantly we froze and I got my telephoto lens zoomed in on the brown shape and then had to laugh at myself…

Apparently free-range cattle… or as I’ve come to call them, free-range hamburgers… are a fairly common thing in Colorado, and this wouldn’t be the last time I encountered them while out hiking.

Rich and I had a good laugh about it, and we joked that the moose in Colorado didn’t look anything like what we expected moose to look like… and after that we saw moose all over the place!

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