Waterfall Week Day 5 – Ricketts Glen North

Another big post of waterfalls, so let’s get right to it…

Wyandot – 15′

To be entirely honest, at this point the park was getting more crowded, it was starting to rain, and I was starting to get hungry… so my compositions aren’t always the greatest, so please bear with me.

B. Reynolds – 40′

R.B. Ricketts – 36′

This was actually one of the cooler waterfalls, and I don’t feel I did a great job capturing it.

Ozone – 60′

Huron – 41′

To be honest here, I’m not 100% sure this photo is of the Huron waterfall. I’m looking through my photos and I’m having a hard time identifying what’s what for these last couple.

Shawnee – 30′

Sorry – I don’t seem to have a photo of Shawnee.

F.L. Ricketts – 38′

Onondaga – 15′

I guess I didn’t end on a strong note there, but overall I definitely recommend a visit to Ricketts Glen State Park. The hike is very nice, only moderately challenging (though definitely wear good shoes as there are some slick spots and sandals are prohibited). The one thing I did notice about this park is the lack of any abundance of attempts to control where people went. You could walk right up to the edge of the waterfalls, and approach right up to the base of them. I definitely advocate staying on the trail as much as possible to avoid eroding the landscape, but where it was safe to do so (both personally and for the trail), I felt that it was nice that I did not feel like they were policing my movements unnecessarily.

Despite the obvious elevation change needed for this many waterfalls, it did not feel like I was constantly climbing up or down very steep hills. Sure – there are hills, but they’re easily manageable.

Definitely worth a visit!

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