Waterfall Week Day 4 – Ricketts Glen South

There are only three waterfalls on the southern leg of the Falls Trail System and I wonder how many folks do themselves a disservice and skip this section. These are three very nice falls.

Murray Reynolds – 36′

Sheldon Reynolds – 36′

Huh – I didn’t realize until just now how similar these three waterfalls look, and additionally how I seemed to be in a mode of wanting to pick a composition that had that foreground rock in the stream below the waterfall.

Harrison Wright – 27′

There is always something interesting about waterfalls that split into multiple sections like this.

And I also found a good spot to make the waterfall more of a background element by focusing on these ferns in the foreground.

We’ll wrap up Waterfall Week tomorrow with another big set of waterfalls from the northern leg of the trail.

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