Glacier National Park (part 3): Wild Flowers

There were not a ton of wild flowers out when I was visiting Glacier, but I did find a few…

I really like Trillium, we get them around western PA, and I was surprised to see them in Montana. What always bums me about trillium is that since they are one of the first wild flowers of the year, they tend to grow when the ground is nothing but last year’s leaf litter, and it is hard to get them with a nice background. So I actually went and got several scoops of snow to stage the shot of the trillium in the snow (and then I cleared away as much of the snow as I could so it didn’t damage the flower).

I think this other one is a Yellow Avalanche Lily or a Glacier Lily. I spotted it on my last day hiking in Glacier National Park. I didn’t notice it at first, but when the trail I was on hit a dead end, I spotted this flower right after turning around. So it is a good thing that trail ended where it did…

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One thought on “Glacier National Park (part 3): Wild Flowers

  1. Laura

    May 16, 2023 at 7:30pm

    It was worth the effort. The snow shot was nice.

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