Cenote Angelita

The first cenote we dived was called Angelita (Little Angel), and I’m sure it gets its name from the way you might feel like you’re an angel flying above the clouds. Honestly, it also felt like diving through a spooky cemetery in a dream. At about 95 feet, there is a very thick hydrogen-sulfide layer in this cenote that causes a beautiful white cloud. The whole experience was quite ethereal and I’ll be honest and admit that I missed my ques for a few of the video sequences I wanted to capture – specifically I wanted to do better with the divers descending into and ascending out of the cloud. But the whole experience was a completely new one for me, and I was just too distracted looking around and taking it all in – and at that depth, there is a lot to pay attention to with the dive logistics themselves, so that took some of my focus from videoing as well.

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One thought on “Cenote Angelita

  1. Mom

    January 8, 2024 at 2:40pm

    This video is amazing! I find something new each time I watch it!

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