Yellowstone National Park (part 4): Pronghorn

Technically this was not my first time seeing pronghorn – I saw a few last year when I visited Bryce Canyon National Park, but I was unable to get the camera out in time to get any photos before they ran away.

Speaking of which, I learned an interesting thing about pronghorn – they apparently have 13 distinct gaits (ways of walking/running). One of which is called “pronking” – which is when they kind of hop forward with all four feet at the same time. I got to see some pronking, but also was unsuccessful in getting photo or video of that too.

Instead, enjoy these stills…

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One thought on “Yellowstone National Park (part 4): Pronghorn

  1. Laura Kushner

    June 14, 2023 at 8:11pm

    I did not know about pronking. Thanks for the education.

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