Video Week Day 2: Plein Air Painting Time Lapse

Today’s video is a short little time lapse that I took in the San Juan National Forest. You may recognize the scene from a clip or two from my CO/UT Time Lapse video. The painter is Paul Matthew of Roar Designs. I walked by Paul as I was looking for good vantage points to shoot my own time lapse scene from. After letting my sequence run for a few minutes, I thought that shooting Paul painting with the landscape he was painting in the background might be a fun time lapse, so I approached him and asked if he minded. He graciously said it would be fine and I setup the camera and then proceeded to sit there and chat with Paul for about half an hour while he worked and the camera clicked away. I do wish I had been able to catch more of the entire painting from start to finish as I only arrived as Paul was probably 80% or more finished and was just putting on the final touches, but it was still cool… and the conversation was very nice with an extremely friendly person also out enjoying the beautiful landscapes of southwest Colorado…

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One thought on “Video Week Day 2: Plein Air Painting Time Lapse

  1. Andrew McMillen

    August 2, 2022 at 4:54pm

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing this Will. Glad you got to experience this and chat Paul. From the look of his setup and how he’s painting my guess is he was painting with oils.

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