The Ramparts

During my time in Mancos, Colorado, I found a trail that was labeled as “The Ramparts” and with my interest in all things medieval I just had to check it out… and I was not disappointed!

The autumn colors were absolutely gorgeous but I still felt this panoramic shot could use a sky replacement… I’ll let you decide which one looks better…

I timed it a little poorly and it was getting dark when I wrapped up the main loop and though I tried to head out to see the view from the edge of The Ramparts, I turned back before I made it out to them. Since it was my last night in Mancos, I didn’t get a chance to go back.

And considering my host there had mentioned several locations with mountain lions I was cautious about hiking by myself after dark… and though I would have loved to get some photos of mountain lions, coming across one in the dark would have not been good (and it wouldn’t have been useful for photos either!) – plus earlier in the hike, I found these rather large bear paw prints along the trail. I used my camera monopod as a size reference – it is about 3 feet long…

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One thought on “The Ramparts

  1. Mom

    February 14, 2022 at 3:28pm

    Beautiful both ways. But the color in the sky was my preference.
    But Yikes!! Those footprints were scary!

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