Argentine Pass and Peak (part 1)

Alright – I’m going to try mixing things up and getting a variety of photos from Colorado while also continuing to get through my extensive backlog of photos (and videos!) from Florida… heck, I still have stuff from my travels to Bali, Timor Leste, and even back to Madagascar that I could probably sprinkle in too!

My last two weeks in Florida, I stayed at a beautiful little AirBNB and one evening my hosts Kellie and Herb and I ordered some takeout from a local Thai restaurant and swapped some travel stories. Since I mentioned I was heading to Colorado, they told me about a trail they had done called the Argentine Pass. Herb even printed out some info about the trail for me.

Fast forward a few weeks, and my friend Rich joined me in Colorado for a bit, and though it probably wasn’t the nicest of me to drag him up this rather difficult trail only a few days after his arrival and certainly before he acclimated to the altitude, but he was up for the challenge.

The trailhead is a few miles up a dirt road that was moderately rough – enough to flex the off-road capabilities of my little Subaru, but not push the limits – and starts right about 11,000 feet elevation. In short order, the trail climbs up above the treeline and continues up to a nice peak at 13,734 feet! You’ll have to wait for a future post for photos of the peak and of the valley below – but I’ll try to not wait too long to share them! For now enjoy the shots from the trailhead and starting up the climb…

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One thought on “Argentine Pass and Peak (part 1)

  1. Dusk

    September 9, 2021 at 10:23am

    Looks like some good camping to be had. And you’ve basically climbed a 14er now – you’re a pro now ~

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  2. Mom

    September 9, 2021 at 3:09pm

    Amazing! I am happy you are sharing your adventure!

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  3. Jennifer Mitchell

    September 11, 2021 at 10:26am

    Beautiful and so inviting!

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