Argentine Pass and Peak (part 4)

Ok – not technically on the Argentine Pass or Peak, but on the way out we passed a sign we hadn’t seen on the way in labeled “Pennsylvania Mine” and also could see a massive structure that was falling apart on the other side of the valley. Since I like to look at ruins like this and see how nature is reclaiming human encroachments like this, plus the fact that Rich and I are both Pennsylvania boys, it seemed somewhat fitting.

Apparently the mine operated from about 1885-1930 and was primarily mining lead (3300 tons), silver (24 tons), gold (less than 180 pounds), and some minimal amounts of zinc and copper.

And just because someone pointed out this lone Columbine flower near the mine ruins…

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One thought on “Argentine Pass and Peak (part 4)

  1. Mom

    October 22, 2021 at 2:53pm

    I am right with you, Bill! I would have wanted to explore that and that lone flower was a bonus!

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