Some Lizards

Hopefully I will get some better photos of these lizards, but for now, here are a couple shots of some of the non-gecko lizards I’ve spotted here so far.

This first one is very common and I’ll definitely get some more shots of it. My quick research says this might be a Many-Lined Skink or Common Sun Skink. I really like the orange color on their sides.

This next one is probably an Asian Grass Lizard, and I think I might have had some like this or at least similar in the pet trade. Just like the ones I had as pets, this one was pretty calm and let me pick it up and relocate it to this bush and then let me get some photos.

And this last one is the elusive one that I definitely want to get some more photos of. It is an Asian Water Monitor (yes – related to Komodo Dragons) and called “alu” locally – here are several that live here, but they’re pretty skittish. This one came out to sun itself while I was sitting in my hammock taking a break after lunch. I managed to sneak into my room, get my camera, and fire off just a few shots before he decided I was paying him too much attention and left. But they’re so beautiful I hope I get some more photos of them.

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One thought on “Some Lizards

  1. Dusk

    October 14, 2019 at 10:06am

    Lizards! My spirit animal <3 I would sit in the sun on a rock all day long if I could, basking. Or as I call it – Lizarding. Beautiful pics. Love their toes!

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