Stubby Squid

Yesterday I went back to a dive site I’ve visited a bunch of times in West Seattle with a good friend, Deana. As we were about to start our dive, a couple other divers asked us for some directions to a part of the site they wanted to visit and since Deana knows the site very well, she agreed to show them the way. After we dropped down and made sure everyone was ok, we were just about to head off to show them the other part of the dive site when I saw what I could definitely tell was a cephalopod but wasn’t 100% sure what it was. I tried to get everyone’s attention to point it out, but Deana was already far enough ahead. As we left it, I got enough of a look at it that I could tell it was a Stubby Squid.

After dropping off the other divers at the part of the site they wanted to see, I instantly gave Deana the cephalopod signal and pointed back the way we came. We made a bee-line back to the start of the dive, and luckily I was happy that I managed to find it again because this is the first Stubby Squid I have ever seen! This apparently is a fairly large individual and they’re usually much smaller. I would say this guy was maybe 2-3″ long (sorry – I didn’t get an opportunity to get Lego-man involved for scale… maybe next time). I got a handful of stills and a few quick video clips. Enjoy…

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One thought on “Stubby Squid

  1. Mom

    January 6, 2023 at 4:19pm

    So cool! I am not a StarWars expert. Nut it reminds me of a creature from one of those movies!!

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