The Sharkstooth

Probably not what you were expecting with a post title like “The Sharkstooth” but considering how much I enjoy diving, I couldn’t pass up a hike with a name like that! Outside of Mancos, CO, the Sharkstooth Peak is at 11687ft and is next to Centennial Peak at 13049. I knew heading up the mountain that the Sharkstooth would not be one I would be able to summit because its terrain is just not doable without technical gear, so I had planned to climb up to Centennial Peak, but was thwarted twice. The first time I under-estimated the amount of time it would take to make the drive up to the trailhead and was taking a slower pace because of the beautiful surroundings. The second time, an early snow storm had hit the night before adding to the amount of snow on the peak and the temperatures and wind at the pass made continuing up to the summit of Centennial Peak just not feasible for me that day. But the views were fantastic both times.

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