Friday Fotos (part 1)

Ok – starting today I am going to make Fridays a day when I will just post 10 random photos with no descriptions or back-story… I’ve got way too many photos sitting in my archives just waiting to see the light of day because I either don’t know how to write them up or they’re extras from another set I’ve already shared or because they might not be quite up to my normal standards. If you see something here that piques your interest and you want to know more, drop me a comment and if I have more I’ll try to get some more shared soon with more information or I’ll just respond to the comment and give you a bit more info. Or if you have something you have some info or story to share because of a photo you see here, feel free to do so! Otherwise, just enjoy 10 new photos every Friday!

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One thought on “Friday Fotos (part 1)

  1. Mom

    March 4, 2022 at 5:01pm

    I love the landscapes! Especially the 3 photo. The distance seems to go on and on for miles and miles!

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  2. Laura

    March 19, 2022 at 6:13pm

    Love the photos. Hate the format. To cumbersome to like or reply.

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