More Moose Sparring

About a week or so after my luck first moose encounter, I went back and hiked the same trail again and sure enough found the same two moose right around the same spot as the first time. Again, they seemed completely fine with me being there and though I don’t think I got quite as close as the first time, I managed some decent shots.

And then I heard some snorting and branches breaking a little further down, and then saw a much larger moose come out of the woods into the area where I was with the other two moose. The larger moose quickly made his way over and engaged in some brief sparring with the two smaller moose. Honestly, it was like he just stopped by to let them know who is boss in the area.

As the larger moose moved on, I had the thought that I should keep a close eye on the two younger moose. I had seen in some nature documentaries that in cases like that where younger individuals are kind of put in their place by a more dominant member of the group that they sometimes look for any opportunity to assert their dominance… and sure enough, as soon as the larger moose was out of site, the two younger moose made a direct line towards me and definitely had lost the easy going look they had previously and appeared a bit more aggressive, so I made a hasty retreat myself.

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One thought on “More Moose Sparring

  1. Laura K.

    January 3, 2022 at 6:17am

    I love moose. They look sooooo unassuming, like Bullwinkle, but they can be very dangerous.

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