Canyon Campsites

And some “behind the scenes” shots from some of the camp sites where I captured some of the scenes from yesterday’s timelapse video…

As Rich and I were hiking to the arches in Rattlesnake Canyon, we were keeping an eye out for potential campsites for that night, and we passed this spot and both agreed it looked like a good spot. After hiking out to the arches and running out of daylight, we made it back to this spot just as it was getting properly dark. As we started unpacking our gear and trying to sort out where to put tents, Rich had the great idea that it was going to be nice and warm all night and it why shouldn’t we just sleep out under the stars. That sounded like a great idea – plus it meant we could get to eating dinner sooner!

This was my views from where I slept…

And when I woke up, I figured I’d grab a quick shot of our campsite…

Then when I spent my night in Moab, based on a recommendation from my friend Dawn (come to think of it – so was the Rattlesnake Canyon suggestion – so lots of credit goes to Dawn for these adventures!), I found a random dirt road leading off into the canyons. The road was just to the limits of what my little Subaru could handle and I drove in as far as I could, found a spot to setup camp, and before the tent was even up I was shooting time lapse sequences…

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One thought on “Canyon Campsites

  1. Dusk

    December 10, 2021 at 11:27am

    Hah! LOVE ~ I bet both camp spots in Rattlesnake and UT were super close to where we camp. Maybe a little farther in at Big Mesa, but thinking the same road? Or was it the Safari road a little farther down? Love the behind the scenes views.

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  2. Tim

    December 10, 2021 at 11:10pm

    Heather always lived in some city. One night while we were driving back from Hiram after dropping off Corey, I insisted – against her objections – on driving down one of those northern Ohio roads to nowhere, turning off onto another road to nowhere, getting out of the car and looking up. ‘Oh, my God…’

    Dark Sky park 20 miles from me (and George) with a 36″ mirror:

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