Juvenile Hamlet, Grunt, and Porkfish

The Blue Heron Bridge is a great spot for finding juvenile fish…. here are a few…

Possible a juvenile Barred Hamlet (Hypoplectrus puella) but it is hard to be certain as they apparently get their coloration as they grow, but this one is definitely starting to show the broad center bar and bright blue facial lines of an adult Barred Hamlet

These are likely Bluestriped Grunts (Haemulon sciurus) but there is a slight possibility they are White Grunts (Haemulon plumierii)

I am almost certain that this last one is a juvenile Porkfish (Anisotremus virginicus)

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One thought on “Juvenile Hamlet, Grunt, and Porkfish

  1. Jennifer Mitchell

    November 5, 2021 at 9:29am

    Love these!

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