Nudibranch Week Day 4: Florida Regal Doris

And to round out Nudibranch Week, we’ve got one called the Florida Regal Doris (Hypselodoris picta) even though it supposedly ranges all over the Atlantic.

This is actually two different individuals. Both were spotted on the same dive at Lauderdale-by-the-Sea with Laura and Carl and their friend Svetlana. Fairly early in the dive we ended up splitting into two groups with Carl and I forming one group and Laura and Svetlana forming the other. As I was bringing up the rear, I spotted this nudibranch and got Carl’s attention and as we stopped to take photos we got separated from Laura and Svetlana. As we were coming back at the tail end of a two hour plus dive, we managed to find them again and amusingly enough they were photographing another individual. I found a third one as we were heading back to shore, but as it wasn’t in a good position to photograph I just passed it by.

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One thought on “Nudibranch Week Day 4: Florida Regal Doris

  1. Jennifer Mitchell

    August 21, 2021 at 9:14pm

    Very interesting Nudibranch pics!

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