Sea Spider

Ok – this is one of those subjects that I am quite excited to have found and managed not only good photos but also some rather good video. I still feel like I should have taken more, but I guess I’ll keep looking to find more. I had thought I saw one last week, but I lost it before I could get any photos or even really confirm what I thought I saw. But when I spotted this one, I knew instantly it was a Sea Spider and went right into shooting photos and video then handed it off to another diver in the group. I know it doesn’t look like much – just a couple of sticks for legs – but for me, it is a really cool find, and normally I’d wait a little while to share, but this is cool enough that I made a special post for it… Enjoy!

They’re not true spiders, but as you can see from the video, you can definitely see where they get the name. I hope I find more to get more photos and videos to share.

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