Assorted Insects and Arachnids

A video compilation of various insets and arachnids that I encountered while out hiking recently. I couldn’t decide on music for this video, and I was going to annotate it with some info about what is happening in the video, but I ended up not doing that either…

  1. A wasp that has paralyzed a spider and is carrying it back to its burrow to either lay its eggs on/in and/or be food for its larvae
  2. A Plume Moth
  3. Orchard Spider with a trapped fly
  4. American Carrion Beetle either feeding on some larvae it has found or cleaning its own eggs/larvae and protecting them from predators
  5. Some ants constructing the entrance to their colony
  6. Some beetles (not sure on species) devouring a larger beetle (also not sure on species)
  7. Some Red Velvet Mites
  8. A large beetle (not sure on species)
  9. Some millipedes

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