Weaver Ants

These weaver ants are pretty prolific here…

They don’t always walk around with that posture of having their abdomen raised, but I think it might be some sort of threat display…

Because they definitely pay attention to you – much more than any other ants I’ve encountered so far, and can certainly put on a serious threat display.

They apparently use larvae silk to connect leaves together to make their nests. How they manage to bend the leaves, I have not yet witnessed, but I’m on the look out for it so I can photograph that as well.

And I have no clue what bug they’re attacking here, but it definitely looks like it has no real chance here. Notice how the ant in the upper left is grabbing onto the other ant’s leg to help pull on the prey insect… and those three ants showing that same display of those powerful mandibles as they comes in to join the attack. Having gotten a couple nips from these guys, you definitely notice when they bite. I didn’t stick around to see how this ended, but it looks pretty obvious.

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One thought on “Weaver Ants

  1. Dusk

    October 14, 2019 at 10:11am

    Love this photo. Great action shot, and vivid description

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