Jumping Spiders (Day 3)

And final day for now… I’ll return to non-spider photos with my next post… but I am sure more spiders will be coming soon. There are just so many cool ones around here – including one that I saw only once and have been searching for ever since.

Anyway, the one today is just a beautiful little specimen. I have seen a few of these, and these photos are of two I saw close to each other.

That iridescence comes out in the photos a little, but it was stunning in person.

I’m not 100% sure these are even the same species (I *think* they are, but there is enough variance in their patterns that makes me question it), and not sure about a possible male/female match here either. One thing that throws me off is the different pedipalp sizes (those small “arms” in front of the fangs)… usually the males have larger pedipalps than the females. But another things males usually have is a display coloration on their front legs (go back to Day 1 and check out the one I think is the male with the dark front legs) which they usually use during courting… but both of these spiders have that patch of bright blue on the front legs on the segment closes to the body, so that throws me off a bit.

So beautiful.

Now to find some more…

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One thought on “Jumping Spiders (Day 3)

  1. Kelly

    September 21, 2019 at 12:56pm

    Oh my stars! He looks like Luca the spider! 😂

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