Waterfall Week Day 2: Ricketts Glen West

Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania is known for having 22 named waterfalls within a very short distance (the park brochure says both 7.2 miles and 3.2 miles, but I’m having a hard time telling which number is correct – if either). Also, the main trail only has 21 falls, and I couldn’t find where the 22nd waterfall is located – though truthfully I didn’t look that hard.

Admittedly, when I first heard about it, I worried that it would mean that they were just very generous in naming any cascade of water as a waterfall and that the majority of these “named waterfalls” would just be a quick succession of small cascades. I was wrong. Each of the waterfalls is distinct and they range in height from 11 feet to 94 feet with an average of 35 feet.

The Falls Trail System can basically be broken up into three sections – West, South, and North – so I will post them based on how I hiked the trails (so stay tuned the rest of the week for the whole set – as if “Waterfall Week” wasn’t a big enough hint).

Mohawk – 37′

Probably the first waterfall most folks encounter in the park, but there is a nice stream with some beautiful scenery leading up to it. I approached from up-stream, so I was presented with a nice view looking right over the precipice of the waterfall (but those photos rarely look good).

Oneida – 13′

Next up is Oneida which is a smaller but still very nice waterfall (keep an eye out for a slice of this photo in the header above)…

Cayuga – 11′

Ganoga – 94′

The tallest waterfall in the park, Ganoga is impressive at 94 feet. Again, I approached from up-stream and was able to look right over the edge and then walk down the hill and view it from a couple different heights.

Unfortunately I don’t think the photos convey the magnitude of this waterfall very well.

Seneca Falls – 12′

Somehow I didn’t end up with any great photos of this waterfall, sorry!

Delaware – 37′

As you can see here – the trail runs right along these waterfalls, so you get a great opportunity to view them from many angles. Oh – and I guess I did get a photo of Seneca Falls (that’s it in the upper part of the photo here).

I try to get different angles for waterfalls and streams and rivers, and often times I like to hold the camera right out over and a few inches above the water for a different perspective…. This cascade in the foreground is not a named waterfall, but you can see Delaware up in the background.

Mohican – 39′

Speaking of different perspectives, where Mohican lies on the stream, a second smaller stream joins the flow and made for a nice pano shot.

Conestoga – 17′

Sorry – another one that I don’t seem to have a photo for… 🙁

Tuscarora – 47′

I like how the large flat rock spreads the final drop of this cascade. The photo in the brochure shows it splitting the flow into two streams, but I like this larger spread because of the higher water flow due to recent rains.

Erie – 47′

And last up for the western leg of the Falls Trail System is a another tall waterfall. Again – I am not sure how this waterfall would look with lower flow, but I like the multiple steps and how it causes a lot of angles rather than just a straight plummet. Especially when viewing this many waterfalls, it is really nice to have such a variety.

Of course stay tuned for more rocks and water for the rest of the week!

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