Nembrotha Nudibranchs

Nembrotha Nudibranchs

We’ve started doing actual scientific survey dives at this point so I am not able to take my camera as often (though honestly, if I hadn’t struggled with it working properly earlier in the trip, I might have more photos). But one of our expedition members was leaving early, so the team gave us a treat of a fun dive, and I managed to talk our way into returning to the site where I’d seen the most nudibranchs on earlier dives. And I further got another bonus of being paired up with Tess again (the diver who found the Tiger Flatworm from the other day) – and she graciously took it upon herself to help me search out nudibranchs (Misaotra bevata, Tess!).

After not seeing any nudibranchs for the first part of the dive, Tess located a coral bommie with several beautiful Nembrotha nudis…

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