Joshua Tree National Park (part 1): Nectar of the Desert

When I headed to Joshua Tree National Park, I tried to time it to be there during a time when the various desert flowers would be in bloom. I am still not sure if I timed it right – some things were in bloom, some looked like they were about to bloom, and others looked like they were already wilting. What I absolutely had not expected to find was a hummingbird! I just assumed that with as much foraging as hummingbirds need to do to keep their energy levels up, the desert would be far too risky of a place for them to head to – if the blooms were early or late or just didn’t happen that year at all, it would be very dangerous for a hummingbird. Even more unexpected was finding a hummingbird nest! I had thought the one I found in Colorado was a pretty uncommon thing to stumble upon, but to find one in the desert? Based on the little bit of dark feathers on the throat, I am thinking this might be an Anna’s Hummingbird and according to the park website is a common resident for the park – pretty cool!

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