Leaf Chameleon

Leaf Chameleon

This is a leaf chameleon – something I had hoped to see, but was expecting would not happen. Luckily, one of our guides during the one hike was phenomenal and found one – in fact, when he found it, I was lagging behind the group taking my photos a bit slower than others and so this guide (I feel embarrassed that I cannot remember his name right now! 🙁 Very bad tourist that I am!) was basically pointing out things just for me – it was rather a nice treat, and I think he quickly picked up how I liked the little things, and he seemed to enjoy finding them for me.

Anyway, at one point, I was a small ways ahead of him on the trail, and he came running up to me speaking very quickly in Malagasy… which I only have about six words of so far. Eventually I figured out he had something in his hand, and he slowly opened it to show this tiny guy.

It was only about an inch long if I remember correctly, but an absolutely stunning creature. It amazes me how such a small animal can have all the same organs and parts as a similar animal that is many times larger.

I wish I had taken more time with this little guy as I don’t think I got a photo that I am thrilled with, but I’ll definitely remember the experience.

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